Hp Sears - Rude Supervisors!!

Fairfield, California 1 comment
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Herbert P Sears CO INC 2000 18th St bakersfield Ca 93301 (661)325 5981 has terrible customer service, there supervisors were rude and disrespectful to my 60 year old father and me after we had called the business to correct an error thier company had made.She began to yell at me after i had gotten on the phone and i asked her to show my father some respect since he was not raising his voice to you.

I dont even think they fixed the mistake THIER company had made on my credit after she hung up in my face.RUDEST SUPERVISOR EVER!



To get them to stop calling you/your father, send them a certified mail letter saying you want them to immediately cease and desist all communications through mail and by phone and intend to hire legal counsel to sue them for harassing you on the phone if they don't remove the derogatory and incorrect credit information :)

if you go online and dispute it, chances are it'll get removed, if not by HP Sears than by the credit bureau itself.

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